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OG Youtube Apk Download LATEST Version

Free OG Youtube apk download!!

Now that we are into the world of Smartphone users, we need to get really smart and fast to establish ourselves as the true and trending individual of this generation. And for that, we are going to need quick service providing applications (aka apps) within our smartphones.

Among the present release of applications, OG Youtube is really important. This is a great application that offers you with complete access to the Youtube along with the huge number of additional features. If you have not tried this application, you need to give it a try; we bet you are going to love it.


What does the OG Youtube bring on the table?

The OG Youtube apk bring out the most important and amazing features of the Youtube application that we want on the official Youtube. At present, we are not getting any option for downloading on the Youtube, but with the download of this app, you can get the feature to download video and Mp3 directly from the Youtube.

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This can be said to be a modified version of the Youtube. If you are the user of unlimited data or Wi-Fi, then the best app for you is o make use of OG Youtube. This offers you with the option to download in any resolution that you prefer. The OG Youtube is working just fine on every android device without any issues absolutely and this is why you need to download this one right away.

What are the features of OG Youtube apk 2016?

Now that we have become familiar with the operations and functions of OGYoutube apk, let us have a glance about some of the features of this apk that can be really valuable for you.

Video Downloading: This is one of the most important and best features of OG Youtube so that you can download any video very quickly. Now with the development of this feature, a huge number of individuals have started using this app because the download feature is not available from the official YouTube application.

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Audio Only: Along with the download of the video, you can also have the audio download option in mp3 format through the OG Youtube. Now you won’t need to have the third party or the mp3 converter for downloading the audio files from Youtube.


Play video in any resolution: Another very important feature of this application is the option of downloading the video in any resolution. Starting from the 140p to the 1440p videos on the android phone, OG Youtube is just the perfect application that can offer you this feature.
Multi-Video downloading: You can download a lot of videos from Youtube at the same time. So you won’t have to wait for the 1st video to fully download and then carry on with the second video for download. OG Youtube features the download of multiple videos at the same time.

Renaming the video: Once you opt for downloading a video, there are options for renaming the video in your preferred name you like. This feature is not available in any other video downloaders, not even the Youtube video converters offer such feature.

Background playing: This is a great feature of the OG Youtube. You will have the option of playing videos in the background, so yo won’t need to worry of staying on the application till the video is finished downloading. You can also run videos in the background if you want to run any applications on that instant.

Download OG Youtube Apk File

Here is the OG YouTube apk file. Download now and install on your phone.


Some more details about OG Youtube


IN General, the OG Youtube works perfectly same as the official Youtube site. It can be said to be a newer version of the official video site with the major differences mentioned above as the features. When you press the download button present at the end of each video, you can select the format and also the quality of the video that you want to download.

An important fact to remember is, there are some places where the Youtube is banned and for them, this one is just the savior. But for hose users, you need to download the Hotspot shield for running the videos directly. You will get the different categories of video’s when you launch the OG Youtube. On the home page, the trending videos are available.



With the huge number of features mentioned above, it is definitely one of the most useful applications that we have ever encountered till date. You can weave through the search bar for viewing any video, and check that out. These features make this app a must have and since it is not available on Google play store, it is to be downloaded from external sources. Check out the apk file and let us know about your experiences in the comments section below. We will be happy to help you out with any queries.

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Updated: January 5, 2017 — 12:14 pm

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